Adds reactions to the message that triggered the command.



You can use unicode emojis or emoji IDs, not emoji names. For emoji IDs, the bot must be present in the server, that you are using the emoji from.


  • emojis - The emoji(s) the bot reacts with. Separate emojis using ;.

Unicode Emojis

Do not use emoji names: $addCmdReactions[:smile:]

Use the unicode version: $addCmdReactions[😀]

List of unicode emojis: 😋 Get Emoji

Emoji IDs

  1. Type \:TheEmojiName:
  2. Send the message.
  3. Copy the ID it returns. (The emoji ID should be in this format: <:emojiName:ID>. If the emoji is animated, it should look like this: <a:emojiName:ID>)
  4. Input the emoji ID into $addCmdReactions[]. (e.g $addCmdReactions[<:hollyDab:828628880629825546>])

📝 This method requires Developer Mode enabled!