When this function is used, the command can only be executed if the user’s message contains a certain amount of arguments (words).


$argsCheck[how many?;error message]


  • how many? (Type: HowMany || Flag: Required): How many arguments there should be in the user’s message.

    If you want users to have 3 or more arguments in their message; you can use >3. If you want users to have less than 3 arguments in their message, you can use <3. If you want the users to have exactly 3 arguments in their message put 3.

  • error message (Type: String || Flag: Emptiable): The message that the bot will send if the user has too many/little arguments.


$argsCheck[>1;❌ Please provide something for me to say!]
  • With arguments example

  • Without arguments example