Edits already existing button.


$editButton[Button ID/URL;Label;Style;(Disabled;Emoji;Message ID)]


  • Button ID/URL (Type: String, URL || Flag: Required): the required button ID or URL, you want to be edited

  • Label (Type: String || Flag: Emptiable): new label of displayed on the button

  • Style (Type: Enum || Flag: Required): Here, are all possible values for the style argument:

    • primary
    • secondary
    • success
    • danger
    • link
  • Disabled (Type: Bool || Flag: Vacantable): If set to yes the button can't be pressed. Defaults as no

  • Emoji (Type: Emoji || Flag: Vacantable): edits / adds an emoji inside the button. Emojis have to be either pasted as Unicode or be in the following format <:emoji name:emoji ID>.

  • Message ID (Type: Snowflake || Flag: Vacantable): Adds a button to the provided message ID. It's important to note that provided message ID author has to be the bot.


Interaction command code

$username said hello!

$editButton[test;Say hello!;primary;yes;]

$addButton[no;http://botdesignerdiscord.com;Check our website;link;no;👀]

For more info, see the Button Guide.