Modifies a existing thread.


$editThread[threadID;name;archived (yes/no);archiveDuration (60/1440/4320/10080);locked (yes/no);slowmode (in seconds)]


  • threadID - The thread channel to edit.
  • name - The new name of the thread.
  • archived - Whether to archive this thread or not.
  • archiveDuration - The archive duration of this thread in minutes. Only 60, 1440,4320, 10080 can be used. Note that for the 4320 archive duration option, the server needs to be level 1 boosted, and for 10080 the server needs level 2.
  • locked - Whether to lock this thread or not. Note that archived threads can't be locked.
  • slowmode - The slowmode of this channel, expressed in seconds.