Suppresses the error messages, responds with the embed if there is an error.


$embedSuppressErrors[Title;Description;(Color;Author;Footer;Footer icon)]

🧙‍♂️ All fields are optional, leave the field empty to not include it. At least one field needs to be inputted, however.


  • Title (Type: String || Flag: Emptiable): The title of the embed.
  • Description (Type: String || Flag: Emptiable): The embed description.
  • Color (Type: Color || Flag: Vacantable): The embed border color, must be a valid color hex.
  • Author (Type: String || Flag: Vacantable): The embed author text.
  • Footer (Type: String || Flag: Vacantable): The embed footer text.
  • Footer icon (Type: URL || Flag: Vacantable): The embed footer icon, must be a valid image URL.


Example #1

$embedSuppressErrors[Error!;❌ Invalid math expression!;#ff0000;;Calculator]

Result: **$calculate[$message]**


Example #2

You can pass error from limiter functions into the embed by leaving the Description argument to be empty.

$argsCheck[>1;You must type at least one word]

You typed "$message"