Edits a channel with the data provided.

🧙‍♂️ You can use !unchanged as a argument for the option to remain in its current state.


There are two usages of the $modifyChannel function.

Usage #1

$modifyChannel[channelID;channelName;topic;NSFW (yes/no);position]


  • channelID - The channel the bot will edit.
  • channelName - The new channel name.
  • topic - The new channel topic/description.
  • NSFW - Whether the channel will be marked as NSFW or not.
  • position - The new channel position (1 = top).

Usage #2

$modifyChannel[channelID;channelName;topic;NSFW (yes/no);position;categoryID]


Same usage as the first. The only new option is categoryID. This will choose what category the channel is put in.

🧙‍♂️ You can use $channelID[category/channelName] to get the ID of a category or channel.


For this example, we will be changing the channel name from 'general' to 'chill-chat'. As well as changing the channel topic to 'A chill chat!'.

$modifyChannel[$channelID[general];chill-chat;A chill chat!;!unchanged;!unchanged]