Creates a new ticket.


$newTicket[categoryID/name;messageWhenNoSubject;MessageInTicket;MessageToUser;errorMessage;(ticket number;(yes/no) return id of the ticket message)]


  • categoryID/name - The category to put the ticket channels in. Can be a category ID or name.

🧙‍♂️ Setup the ticket category permissions: tickets

  • messageWhenNoSubject - The message that appears in {subject} when the user doesn't provide a subject.
  • messageInTicket - The message that is sent in the new ticket channel.
  • messageToUser - The message that gets sent in the current channel.
  • errorMessage - The message that gets returned when the ticket can't be created.
  • ticket number - For custom ticket number.
  • return id of the ticket message - (yes/no) Whether you want the ticket message to return it's id.

Subset Functions

You can use these subset functions in $newTicket.

  • {subject} - Returns the ticket subject (user's message).
  • {channel} - Mentions the new ticket channel.


$newTicket[Tickets;No subject was provided.;Thanks for making a ticket. Please explain your issue in detail so we can help.
Subject: {subject}
User: <@$authorID>;Created ticket! {channel};Failed to make ticket!]