Returns information about the mentioned role. $roleInfo allows you to create a role info command without using a bunch of different functions at once.




  • Message (Type: String || Flag: Required): The message format. Check below for more information.

Message format

You can use the following "commands" within $roleInfo[]:

  • {name} - Returns the role's name.
  • {ID} - Returns the role's ID.
  • {mentionable} - Returns if the role is mentionable by everyone.
  • {hoist} - Returns if the role is hoisted (displayed separately).
  • {color} - Returns the role's color.
  • {position} - Returns the role's position on the "roles list".

🧙‍♂️ $roleInfo[] automatically generates a description. So, $description[] should not be used in the code.


$roleInfo[Name: {name}
ID: {ID}
Mentionable?: {mentionable}
Hoisted?: {hoist}
Color: {color}
Position: {position}]
$title[Role Info]