Sends embed message to provided channel. Not needed fields can be left empty.


$sendEmbedMessage[channel ID;content;title;title URL;description;color;author;author icon;footer;footer icon;thumbnail;image;add timestamp;return ID]


  • channel ID - id of the channel where the message will be sent.
  • content - text to be sent before embed.
  • title - text that will be used as the title in the embed.
  • title URL - url that will be applied to the title.
  • description - description that will be applied to the embed.
  • color - the color hex to set the embed border color as.
  • author icon - the image that appears in the author icon. This must be a valid image URL.
  • footer - The text to set the footer as.
  • footer icon - the URL to set the footer icon as. Must be a valid image URL.
  • thumbnail - the image to set as the thumbnail.
  • image - the URL of the image that appears. Must be a valid image URL.
  • add timestamp - add the time to send (use yes or no).
  • return ID - output the message ID outside the embed (use yes or no).