Creates a new thread.


$startThread[name;channelID;messageID (canBeLeftEmpty);archiveDuration (60/1440/4320/10080);returnThreadID (yes/no)]


  • name - The name of the newly created thread.
  • channelID - The channel that is the parent of this thread.
  • messageID - The message that this thread is created for, can be left empty.
  • archiveDuration - The archive duration of this thread in minutes. Only 60, 1440,4320, 10080 can be used. Note that for the 4320 archive duration option, the server needs to be level 1 boosted, and for 10080 the server needs level 2.
  • returnThreadID - Whether to return the thread channel ID or not.


$var[threadID;$startThread[Cool Thread;$channelID;;1440;yes]]
I created a new thread! <#$var[threadID]>
$c[❗️This example requires BDScript 2 enabled❗️]


This code is storing the newly created thread ID returned from $startThread[] (using $var[]). Then, in the rest of the code $var[threadID] was called to get the thread ID; which allowed the bot to mention the new thread channel.