Returns a list of user badges separated by a space or the given separator.


$userBadges[User ID;(Separator)]


  • User ID (Type: Snowflake || Flag: Required): The user to get the badges from.
  • Separator (Type: String || Flag: Optional): Will be used to separate each badge.
staffDiscord Employee
partnerPartnered Server Owner
hype_squadHypeSquad Events Member
bug_hunter_level_1Bug Hunter Level 1
hype_squad_braveryHouse Bravery Member
hype_squad_brillianceHouse Brilliance Member
hype_squad_balanceHouse Balance Member
premium_early_supporterEarly Nitro Supporter
team_pseudo_userUser is a team
bug_hunter_level_2Bug Hunter Level 2
verified_botVerified Bot
verified_developerEarly Verified Bot Developer
certified_moderatorModerator Programs Alumni
bot_http_interactionsBot uses only HTTP interactions and is shown in the online member list
active_developerUser is an Active Developer


`$userBadges[$authorID;` `]`