Bot Status

Here, you will learn how to set-up a custom bot status & activity.


To set a custom status,

  • Select your bot.

  • Go to the "Status" tab and press gear icon ⚙️ at top-right corner.

  • Toggle on "Enable bot presence".

  • In "Bot status", choose your preferred bot presence (i.e Online, Idle, Invisible etc.)

  • In "Interval amount", set a custom interval duration. This changes how many seconds your bot will wait before refreshing its status (Minimum interval duration is 12 seconds while maximum is 600 seconds).

    📝 If you have multiple bot status entries, it will switch to next status instead of refreshing current status.


⚠️ You need to toggle on Enable bot presence in "Bot status settings" in order to show activity.

To set custom rich presence,

  • Select your bot.
  • Go to the "Status" tab and press Add new entry.
  • Choose activity type (i.e PLAYING, STREAMING, LISTENING etc.) in the "Status prefix" dropdown selection.
  • In "Status", type any text that you would like to display as your bot's status. Additionally, you can also use some BDFD functions in your bot's status.
  • "Status details" is just a text for you to see. It won't display anywhere.
  • Save the changes.

📝 If the activity type is STREAMING, there will be an additional required field called "Streaming URL". You can only put either YouTube or Twitch URL.

Available functions

Here are the available functions that you can use in your bot's status:

  • $membersCount

    Returns your bot total members count.

  • $serverCount

    Returns your bot total server count.

  • $numberSeparator[number;(separator)]

    Separates numbers in thousands format.