A hyperlink is clickable-text. When the user clicks on the text, it directs them to a certain URL.

You can use hyperlinks inside $description[], $addField[], webhook content/description, slash command response content, and ephemeral $onInteraction response content.



Note: This is the syntax for BDScript 2 and BDScript Unstable. For the BDScript, the syntax is [text](link).

Note: In the case of using hyperlinks inside slash command response content or ephemeral $onInteraction response content, the syntax for BDScript should be used. Does not apply to hyperlinks that are inside functions that support hyperlinks.


$description[This bot is made with [Bot Designer For Discord\](https://botdesignerdiscord.com)]


Use the $embeddedURL function to add a hyperlink in $title.

Use the $authorURL function to add a hyperlink in $author.