Slash Commands

Slash commands is a new feature added by Discord. It let's users interact with your bot by typing /<command name>.


General information

  • Discord allows up to 50 slash commands.
  • Before using slash commands you need to reinvite the bot with applications.commands scope.
  • Creating/modifying/deleting slash command might take up to 1hr.

Getting started

Before we start, you need 1.18.8 version of the app or later.

Reinviting the bot

  • Open the app
  • Pick your bot
  • Open navigation drawer and then press "Server invites"
  • Press the button with eye icon.
  • Select Slash commands
  • Go back
  • Press "Add your bot to your server"
  • Invite the bot to your server invite scopes

Creating a slash command

  • Create or modify existing command
  • Press the top-right icon
  • Press "Enable slash command trigger"
  • Fill in necessary data
  • Save it slash command page

Retriving value from options

You can retrive a value from an option by simply using $message[<option name>].
If you want this function to work in a normal and slash command
then you can use $message[<arg number>;<option name>].


message example code
message example usage

Checking if a command has been executed by a slash trigger

You can use $isSlash which returns true if a command
was executed by slash trigger, otherwise it returns false.