📌 As of mid 2020, JavaScript script language in BDFD has been deprecated.

Besides using the official BDFD script language (i.e BDScript) to develop Discord Bots. Bot Designer For Discord also supports developing bots using JavaScript.

In this wiki page and the following sub-wikis, you will learn and explore more about BDFD JavaScript.


BDFD JavaScript (a.k.a BDJS) is an another script language available in the app which can be used as alternative to BDScript for developing a Discord Bot. Unlike BDScript, BDJS executes a JavaScript code. It uses ECMAScript 2015 (ES6) JavaScript version. BDJS has limited Discord API functions support available.

BDFD JavaScript provides a different runtime than Node.JS or Web Browser.

📌 BDFD JavaScript is not recommended to be used by users who aren't familiar with JavaScript language. It's a language which is entirely different from BDScript and without any proper JS knowledge, the user would get confused whether be it in understanding or writing codes.

📚 Want to learn JavaScript and don't know where to get started?
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