Awaited reactions

(for premium bots)

Thanks to awaited reactions your bot can be triggered by reactions

end result

Here's how the end result looks like.

accept command

accept command

$awaitReactions[awaited reaction name;reaction] is used to specify which command is used when user reacts with reaction.
$awaitReactions[] allows you to group reactions (as you can see in the accept command) by specifing more awaited reaction names and reactions. What does it mean?
When one of the reactions is used then the other one stops working. So for example if I react with ✔️ then ❌ stops working.

Awaited reaction trigger

Here you can see the acceptCmd and declineCmd awaited reaction commands:


$reaction[name]. As you can see it's pretty straightforward.
If you want to know what emoji was used in the $reaction[] trigger command
then you can use $usedEmoji which will return the emoji that was used.