Custom Prefixes

(for premium bots)


Premium gives you access to use $getServerVar[] in triggers. This makes it possible to make custom prefixes.

What Are Custom Prefixes?

Custom prefixes allow the bot's prefix (like !) to be changed in different servers. For example, in one server the bot's prefix could be ! and in the other it could be ?.


  1. Create a variable called "prefix" with the value set to the bot's default prefix. The default prefix is the prefix the bot uses if no custom one is set.


  1. Create a command for setting the prefix, use the code below.
$onlyAdmin[❌ You need the administrator permission to use that!]
Set $serverName[$guildID]'s prefix to `$noMentionMessage`


  1. Change all the command triggers to $getServerVar[prefix]trigger-here. For example, !ping would become $getServerVar[prefix]ping.

  2. You're all set, enjoy!