Permissions allow users to have specific privileges and access in the server. Some permissions can be as basic as allowing users the ability to add reactions to messages while other permissions grant users more administrative actions. These permissions are based on the roles assigned to users in a server and permissions can be assigned per role on both the server level and channel level.

List of Permissions

Following is the list of permissions which are supported in BDFD -

addreactionsAllows to react emojis in messages (Doesn't affect existing emojis in messages).
adminGrants all permissions and bypasses all channel permissions overwrites.
attachfilesAllows to upload attachments in channels.
banAllows banning/unbanning members.
changenicknamesAllows editing own server nickname.
connectAllows to join voice/stage channels.
createinstantinviteAllows to create invites.
createprivatethreadsAllows to create private threads.
createpublicthreadsAllows to create public threads.
embedlinksAllows to send embedded content and links in channels.
externalemojisAllows to use custom emojis from a different server.
externalstickersAllows to use custom stickers from a different server.
kickAllows kicking members.
managechannelsAllows to create/delete/modify channels of the server.
manageemojisAllows to create/delete/modify custom emojis and stickers of the server.
manageeventsAllows to create/delete/modify events in the server.
managemessagesAllows deleting messages of other members and pinning/unpinning messages in channels.
managenicknamesAllows to modify server members nicknames.
managerolesAllows to create/delete/modify server roles. It also allows modifying individual channel's permissions.
manageserverAllows to create/modify AutoMod rules, add bots, view invites and change server settings.
managethreadsAllows to create/delete/modify channel threads.
managewebhooksAllows to create/delete/modify channel webhooks.
mentioneveryoneAllows to mention ping @everyone, @here and all server roles.
moderatemembersAllows to timeout/untimeout members. This permission is also known as "Timeout members".
movemembersAllows to move members between voice/stage channels.
priorityspeakerAllows to be easily heard in voice/stage channels.
readmessagehistoryAllows to view channel message history.
readmessagesAllows to view a channel. This permission is also known as "View channel".
requesttospeakAllows to request to speak in stage.
sendmessagesAllows to send messages in channels.
sendmessagesinthreadsAllows to send messages in threads.
sendvoicemessagesAllows to send voice messages in channels.
slashcommandsAllows to use application commands (i.e slash commands, context-menus) in channels. This permission is also known as "Use Application Commands".
speakAllows to speak in voice/stage channel.
streamAllows to stream live in voice/stage channels.
ttsAllows to send text-to-speech (tts) messages.
usesoundboardAllows to use sounds from the server soundboard in voice channels.
usevadAllows to use voice-activity detection. Members without this permission will have to use push-to-talk voice feature. This permission is also known as "Use voice activity".
viewauditlogAllows to view server audit logs.
viewguildinsightsAllows to view insights of a server.
voicedeafenAllows to deafen a member in voice/stage channel.
voicemuteAllows to mute a member from speaking in voice/stage channel.

📝 All permissions are case insensitive (i.e both BAN and Ban will work).