Adds reactions to the specified message.


$addMessageReactions[Channel ID;Message ID;Emoji;...]


  • Channel ID (Type: Snowflake || Flag: Required): The ID of the channel where the message is located.
  • Message ID (Type: Snowflake || Flag: Required): The ID of the message to which the reactions will be added.
  • Emoji (Type: Emoji || Flag: Required ): The emojis to add as reaction to the message. Use semicolons ; as a separator to separate multiple emojis.



Successfully added the reactions to the message.


How to get emoji ID?

This method requires Developer Mode to be enabled!

  1. Type \:TheEmojiName:
  2. Send the message.
  3. Copy the ID it returns. (The emoji ID should be in this format: <:emojiName:ID>. If the emoji is animated, it should look like this: <a:emojiName:ID>)
  4. Input the emoji ID into $addMessageReactions[]. (e.g. $addMessageReactions[$channelID;1123254137547653222;<:hollyDab:828628880629825546>])


If you're still having issues, check the Troubleshooting page.