Adds reactions to the bot's response.



🧙‍♂️ You can use unicode emojis or emoji IDs, not emoji names. For emoji IDs: The bot must be present in the server, that you are using the emoji from.


  • emojis - The emoji(s) the bot reacts with. Separate emojis using ;.

Unicode Emojis

Do not use emoji names: $addReactions[:smile:]

Use the unicode version: $addReactions[😀]

List of unicode emojis: 😋 Get Emoji

Emoji IDs

  1. Type \:TheEmojiName:
  2. Send the message.
  3. Copy the ID it returns. (The emoji ID should be in this format: <:emojiName:ID>. If the emoji is animated, it should look like this: <a:emojiName:ID>)
  4. Input the emoji ID into $addReactions[]. (e.g $addReactions[<:hollyDab:828628880629825546>])

🧙‍♂️ Note: If \:TheEmojiName: doesn't work, try :-:TheEmojiName:. This requires Developer Mode enabled!