Deletes a certain amount of messages.


There are two usages of the $clear function.

Usage #1


📝 When using just $clear, the author's message must include a number.

Usage #2

$clear[howMany;(optional) userID;(optional) removePinnedMessages (yes/no)]


  • howMany - How many messages to delete. (max 100)
  • userID - If a userID is provided, the bot will only delete messages from that user. Optional.
  • removePinnedMessages - Decides whether to delete pinned messages or not. Default is 'yes'. Optional.

📝 Discord doesn't allow deleting messages in bulk which are over 2 weeks old.


$onlyPerms[managemessages;You need the 'MANAGE_MESSAGES' permission to use that!]
$argsCheck[>1;Please provide how many messages to clear. Usage: !purge (number)]