Edits select menu.


$editSelectMenu[menu ID;min;max;(placeholder;message ID)]


  • menu ID (Type: String || Flag: Required): The menu ID you want to edit

  • min (Type: Integer || Flag: Required): The minimum amount of values that can be selected.

  • max (Type: Integer || Flag: Required): The maximum amount of values that can be selected.

  • placeholder (Type: String || Flag: Vacantable): It's a text that appears if no option is selected.

  • message ID (Type: Snowflake || Flag: Optional): The message for which a select menu will be edited.


Interaction Code

$editSelectMenu[Example;1;1;Choose some option 😀]
$addSelectMenuOption[Example;First;first-option;The first option]
$addSelectMenuOption[Example;Second;second-option;The second option]
$addSelectMenuOption[Example;Third;third-option;The third option]

Usage Usage

For more info, see the Select Menu Guide.