Edits select menu.


$editSelectMenuOption[menu option ID;label;value;description;(default;emoji;message ID)]


  • menu option ID (Type: String || Flag: Required): it has to be the same as the ID used in its $newSelectMenu[].
  • label (Type: String || Flag: Required): the name of the option.
  • value (Type: String || Flag: Required): it's the data that gets passed to the $onInteraction[] callback. The value has to be unique in the select menu!
  • description (Type: String || Flag: Vacantable): it shows up under the label.
  • default (Type: Bool || Flag: Vacantable): should the option be selected by default. There can be only one default option!
  • emoji (Type: Emoji || Flag: Vacantable): it shows up next to the label.
  • message ID (Type: Snowflake || Flag: Optional): the message id, menu attached to it.


Interaction Code

$editSelectMenuOption[Example;First;first-option;The first option;no;1️⃣]
$editSelectMenuOption[Example;Second;second-option;The second option;no;2️⃣]
$editSelectMenuOption[Example;Third;third-option;The third option;no;3️⃣]

Example 1 Example 1 Example 1

For more info, see the Select Menu Guide.