Returns information about the provided invite code.


$getInviteInfo[Invite code;Invite property]


  • Invite code (Type: String || Flag: Required): The invite code to get info about.
  • Invite property (Type: Enum || Flag: Required): The information to get about this invite. Invite properties:
    • channel - The channel that this invite is for.
    • creationDate - The creation date of this invite.
    • inviter - The ID of the user who created this invite.
    • isTemporary - Whether or not this invite is temporary.
    • uses - How many times this invite has been used.


$argsCheck[>1;Please provide a valid invite code!]
$title[Invite Info]
$description[Uses: $getInviteInfo[$message;uses]
Channel: $getInviteInfo[$message;channel]
Date: $getInviteInfo[$message;creationDate]
Inviter: $getInviteInfo[$message;inviter]
Temporary: $getInviteInfo[$message;isTemporary]]