Fetches embed data from the provided message.


$getEmbedData[Channel ID;Message ID;Embed index;Embed property (title/description/footer/color/image/timestamp)]


  • Channel ID (Type: Snowflake || Flag: Required): The channel this message belongs to.
  • Message ID (Type: Snowflake || Flag: Required): The message to get this embed data from.
  • Embed index (Type: HowMany || Flag: Required): The embed of this message to get data from. Use 1 for the first embed of this message. (learn more)
  • Embed property (Type: Enum || Flag: Required): The embed property to return. Embed properties:
    • title - The title of the embed.
    • description - The description of the embed.
    • footer - The footer of the embed.
    • color - The color border hex of the embed.
    • image - The image of the embed.
    • timestamp - The timestamp of the embed.


Title: $getEmbedData[876920205526319144;878299081380876339;1;title]
Description: $getEmbedData[876920205526319144;878299081380876339;1;description]
Footer: $getEmbedData[876920205526319144;878299081380876339;1;footer]