Embed Indexes

If you look around BDFD embed functions (eg. $title, $footer, $addTimestamp etc.). You'll see an argument called index. This argument is used to create multi-embeds.

📝 Discord supports creating upto a maximum of 10 embeds per bot message.

Creating Multi-Embeds

By default, the index is set to 1 (the first embed). To create a second embed, you have to write 2 in index argument and so on. You can specify any number between 1 to 10 in index argument.

📝 Total character length of the overall response should not exceed more than 6,000. If it does, the bot won't send the message.



$title[Title #1]
$description[Description #1]

$title[Title #2;2]
$description[Description #2;2]

$title[Title #3;3]
$description[Description #3;3]