Allows you to make a 'user info' command without using a bunch of different functions at once. Returns information of the first mentioned user.

📌 $userInfo automatically generates a description. So, $description of index 1 should be avoided in the code.




  • Message (Type: String || Flag: Required): The message format. Check below for more information.

    📌 Following are sub-functions which you can use inside $userInfo to return information of the mentioned user :

    • {username} : Returns the user's username.
    • {ID} : Returns the ID of the user.
    • {BOT} : Returns "true" if the user is a bot otherwise, "false".
    • {discriminator} : Returns the user's discriminator.


$title[User Info]
$userInfo[Username: {username}
User ID: {ID}
Bot?: {BOT}
Discriminator: {discriminator}]


📌 $userInfo automatically generates a thumbnail of the mentioned user. If you want to remove it, put $thumbnail[] (with empty argument) below $userInfo function.