Public Bot Designer for Discord API


The base URL is https://botdesignerdiscord.com/public/api

GET /function_list

Returns an array of functions

GET /function_tag_list

Returns an array of function tags

GET /function/:function

  • :function - function tag
    Returns a function

GET /emoji_alias_list

Returns a map, mapping emoji to a list of its aliases

Data Structures

  • Can be empty means the field can be set to a default value.
  • Can be omitted means the field might not be included in the response.


Field nameTypeDescriptionCan be emptyCan be omitted
tagStringFunction nameFalseFalse
shortDescriptionStringDescription for a function without argumentsTrueFalse
longDescriptionStringDescription for a function with argumentsTrueFalse
argumentsArray of ArgumentsArguments needed by a functionTrueFalse
intentsIntegerDiscord intents needed by bot to execute this functionFalseFalse
premiumBoolfunction needs premiumFalseFalse
deprecatedBoolfunction is deprecatedFalseTrue
deprecatedForStringName of the function that should be used insteadFalseTrue


Field nameTypeDescriptionCan be omitted
nameStringArgument nameFalse
descriptionStringDescription for a function's argumentTrue
typeString Argument TypesArgument type. \| is used for a compound typeFalse
requiredboolArgument is requiredFalse
tupleTypesArray of ArgumentsArray of arguments which can be repeated, i.e channelID;messageID;channelID;messageID;...True
emptyBoolArgument can be emptyTrue
ellipsisBoolArgument accepts more data, i.e username1;username2;username3;...True
enumDataArray of StringsPossible options accepted as argument, i.e primary/secondary/or/etcTrue

Argument Types

Multiple types can be merged together with | (OR).
Possible argument types:

  • String
  • Integer
  • Float
  • Snowflake
  • Bool
  • Color
  • Permission
  • Duration
  • HowMany (>, 2, <, etc)
  • URL
  • Enum
  • Tuple