BDFD's Creation

How Bot Designer For Discord became what it is today.

Who Develops BDFD?

NameDiscord UsernamePosition
Jakub TomanakubastickOwner/Developer
Mikołaj Radkowski_noitDeveloper
Bartłomiej SkoczeńminebarteksaDeveloper

The Company

NilPointer Software is the company that made Bot Designer For Discord. NilPointer Software, a start-up focused on providing fast and quality software.

BDFD's Beginning and Growth

Kubastick was inspired by one of his friends to create the application. One day, his friend stated, “It would be nice if there'd be an app for creating bots”. Kubastick having previous programming knowledge, took this idea and ran with it.

By early 2019, the premature version of BDFD was created. Later on, Kubastick acquired two developers, MineBartekSA and noituri. This is when the app's functions and UI got majorly improved.

BDFD was slowly growing, until Discord's explosion during the COVID-19 pandemic, which caused a uproar of users coming to BDFD to create their very own bots... and the rest is history... The growth of BDFD isn't stopping though, as the developers are actively integrating new features; and the community is growing larger by the day.

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