Discord's ID System

Discord's ID System allows bot's to manage and use IDs to get/edit object data (e.g. returning user's name, deleting a role etc).

What's an ID?

An ID is a Discord object identifier. Let's break this down:

  • An 'object' refers to a Discord channel, role, user, server/guild, etc.
  • An 'identifier' (typically called 'ID') refers to the multi-digit number that the object belongs to.

Enabling Developer Mode

In order to access and copy IDs in the Discord client, you must enable developer mode. Here's how:

  • Desktop




  • Mobile

    Go to User Settings > Appearance > Advanced and turn on Developer Mode.


Finding IDs

Where do I find these 'IDs'?

You can use 'Functions That Return IDs' to retrieve IDs.

If you want to get IDs using your client, check out Discord's full guide on getting IDs!

Using IDs in Commands

There are a lot of functions that use IDs. Like, $deleteChannels, $modifyRole $banID, and many more.

Let's use $deleteChannels for this example. In order to delete a channel, we need the channel's ID. Here's how $deleteChannels could look:

$c[Deletes the provided custom channel ID.]

$c[Deletes the channel where the command was ran.]

$c[Deletes the mentioned channel.]

⚠️ Be careful not to mix up ID types. For example, you can't do $deleteChannels[$authorID]. This is because $authorID returns a user ID, not a channel ID.

Functions That Return IDs

  • $authorID/$userID/$roleID/$channelID
  • $findUser/$findChannel/$findRole
  • $mentioned/$mentionedChannels/$mentionedRoles
  • ... (a few others)

Using IDs For Mentions

  • Mentioning an User - <@userID>
  • Mentioning a Role - <@&roleID>
  • Mentioning a Channel - <#channelID>
  • Using an Emoji
    • Static - <:emojiName:emojiID>
    • Animated - <a:emojiName:emojiID>
  • Mentioning a Slash
    • Normal - </name:commandID>
    • Subcommand - </name subcommandName:commandID>
    • Subcommand group - </name subcommandGroup subcommandName:commandID>
  • Mentioning a Guild - Guilds can't be mentioned.

📝 Non-bots can use IDs to mention objects too!