Threads are subset-channels within a channel. Threads are great for separating different conversations in one channel. This wiki will explain how you can integrate threads in your bot.

⚠️ In order to send a message in thread, make sure your bot has SEND_MESSAGES_IN_THREADS permission.

Creating a Thread

$startThread[name;channelID;messageID (canBeLeftEmpty);archiveDuration (60/1440/4320/10080);returnThreadID (yes/no)]

Starts a thread (learn more)

Editing a Thread

$editThread[threadID;name;archived (yes/no);archiveDuration (60/1440/4320/10080);locked (yes/no);slowmode (in seconds)]

Edits an existing thread. (learn more)

Member Thread Management

Adding a User to a Thread


Adds a user to the thread. (learn more)

Removing a User from a Thread


Removes a user from the thread. (learn more)


$var[threadID;$startThread[Cool Thread;$channelID;;1440;yes]]
I created a new thread! <#$var[threadID]>
$c[❗️This example requires BDScript 2 enabled❗️]

Further Reading

If you want to learn more about threads, read Discord's support article.