Bot Designer for Discord's premium points systems allows you to support the developers financially, and gain some sweet perks!

Purchasing Premium Points

#1: Click the menu icon.

#2: Select the "Premium" tab.

#3: Click "Go to premium store".

#4: Make your purchase! ✨

Retrieving Premium

After buying premium point(s), here's how you use them:

#1: Select the bot that you want to add premium point(s) to, via the bot list.

#2: Click the menu icon.

#3: Select the "Premium" tab.

#4: Select the amount of point(s) you want to add to the bot, then confirm. Keep in mind, one premium point equals one week of premium hosting.

Premium Perks


  • $getServerVar[] in triggers. (custom prefixes)
  • Awaited reactions.
  • The $messageContains[] and $alwaysReply callbacks.
  • Custom images.
  • The $ignoreTriggerCase function.
  • Unlimited commands/variables.
  • Ad-free hosting time.
  • Priority bot hosting/startup.

Discord Server Perks

  • The premium role. Run !getPremiumRole.
  • Access to the premium chat.
  • Additional role income in our server economy system.



Support for paying users is available at You can also ask questions about premium in our Community Discord Server.