Bot Designer for Discord's premium points system allows you to support the developers financially and gain some sweet perks!

Purchasing Premium Points

  1. Open BDFD app and click on profile icon.


  2. Then, click "Buy premium points".


  3. Choose your preferable package and confirm your purchase.


Redeeming Premium

After a successful purchase of premium points, here's how to redeem them :

  1. Select your bot in app homepage and click "Add premium time" button in dashboard tab.


  2. Select the amount of points you want to spend, then confirm.


    📝 One premium point equals one week of premium hosting.

Premium Perks


  • $getServerVar[] in triggers (custom prefixes).
  • Awaited reactions.
  • Access to $messageContains[] and $alwaysReply callbacks.
  • Custom images.
  • Access to $ignoreTriggerCase and $sendNotification functions.
  • Unlimited commands/variables.
  • Ad-free hosting time.
  • Priority bot hosting/startup.
  • Maximum 120 minutes duration in $replyIn & $editEmbedIn.
  • Increased server and global variable character limits.
  • Bot guild list.
  • Embed builder.
  • Sharding.

Discord Server Perks

  • The premium role. Run !getPremiumRole.
  • Access to the premium chat.
  • Additional role income in our server economy system.



For any premium related issues/support, contact us at

You can also ask questions about premium in our Community Discord Server.